Topic: Analytics of Spiritual Culture

  • “Picturesque Japan” and “the Yellow Hazard”: on Perception of the Japanese Culture in Russian Symbolism (Fedor Sologub vs. Valery Bryusov) /
    Tyryshkina Elena

  • The Music Content and the Craft of Piano Playing /
    Karpychev Mikhail

  • Between Actor-Networks and Virtual Worlds: Save Option in Videogames from the Point of View of Social Topology /
    Ilin Semen

  • A. Burganov’s Plastic Modifications: on the Exhibition of the Sculpture Theatre in the A.A. Bakhrushin State Central Theatre Museum /
    Portnova Tatyana

  • Impressionism in V. V. Rozanov’s Philosophical Prose (Exemplified by “The Solitary” and “Fallen Leaves”) /
    Grushitckaya Marina

  • Age Identity in Contemporary Japan Social Philosophy Aspect /
    Novikova O.S.

  • The Temporal References of the Anglo-Saxon Culture (based on the Anglo-Saxon chronicles) /
    Proskurina A.V.

  • Yoko Tawada ─ a “Boundary” Person and Writer /
    Simyan T.S.

  • Traditional Understanding of Creativity and Human Existence /
    Kurabtsev V.L.

  • Between Two Worlds: Interaction between Northern and Italian Trends in Spanish Painting of the XV Century /
    Seglina T.A.

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