Topic: Problems of national discourse

  • Post-Soviet Russia between Federalism and Unitarism: Normative Models and Realities of Transforming Society /
    Erokhina Elena

  • Karaites of Crimea. Travel notes on Self-identity /
    Plyusnin Juri

  • Problems of Preservation of the National Self-Consciousness of the Russian People /
    Romannikov Oleg, Chernoskutov Viktor

  • “It wasn’t like That”: Discussions about Terror in the Socialist Revolutionary Party during the Civil War /
    Morozov Konstantin

  • Jewish Communities and “the Jewish Factor” in the Jewish Autonomous Region of Russia /
    Chernov M.I.

  • Territory of Social Wellbeing. Interaction of Ethno-Social Groups in the Jewish Autonomous Region /
    Plyusnin Juri

  • Ethno-Social Potential of the Territory: a Special Case of the Jewish Autonomous Region /
    Kordonsky S.G., Chernov M.I., Molyarenko O.A., Plyusnin Juri

  • Who Are the “Evreytsy” (Jews), or Experience of Cultural Synthesis in the Amur Region /
    Blyakher L.E.

  • Problems of the Formation of Civil Culture in Kyrgyzstan /
    Bektanova A.K.

  • ‘The Great Retreat’ or ‘the Great Maneuver’: N. Timasheff’s Concept and Ideological Changes in the USSR of the 1930s /
    Shmatov M.Yu.

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