Ideas and Ideals Volume 10 (2018), Issue 1, part


  • Statistics and Institutions (a review on the book of I.I. Eliseeva, A.L. Dmitriev "Essays on the History of State Statistics in Russia")     
    Khanin Grigory
    DOI: 10.17212/2075-0862-2018-1.2-3-28
  • Radical reform of the Russian Academy of Siences: development, implementation, evaluation by the scientific community     
    Ablazhey Anatoly
    DOI: 10.17212/2075-0862-2018-1.2-29-52
  • Transformation of the New Year celebration in Armenia and Russia: experience of historical description     
    Simyan T.S.
    DOI: 10.17212/2075-0862-2018-1.2-53-74
  • Functioning of Emblem Books in the Culture of the Late Renaissance and the beginning of Modern Times     
    Makarova Nina
    DOI: 10.17212/2075-0862-2018-1.2-75-85
  • Women of Western European cinema: the creative activities of A. Girardot, S. Signoret, M. Morgan     
    Yudin K.A.
    DOI: 10.17212/2075-0862-2018-1.2-86-101
  • «New» features of Carl Czernyʹs compositions (op. 740)     
    Karpychev Mikhail
    DOI: 10.17212/2075-0862-2018-1.2-102-114
  • Orthodox Patristics and Marxist philosophy: points of intersection     
    Loskutov Yu.V.
    DOI: 10.17212/2075-0862-2018-1.2-115-140
  • Liberalism and Оrthodoxy: separate and indivisible     
    Zaytseva T.I.
    DOI: 10.17212/2075-0862-2018-1.2-141-157
  • Rethinking the tradition of the old Russian Church chants in the XIX - early XX centuries     
    Tsyplakova S.M.
    DOI: 10.17212/2075-0862-2018-1.2-158-175
  • Regional features of protest potential in the conditions of social tension     
    Vavilina N.D., Kotov D.A.
    DOI: 10.17212/2075-0862-2018-1.2-176-189
  • The synthesis of Real options method and Fuzzy sets method for evaluation of innovative project’s effectiveness: critical review     
    Baranov A.O., Muzyko E.I., Pavlov V.N.
    DOI: 10.17212/2075-0862-2018-1.2-190-209